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Sneak peak on ET5 as public speculates on NIO Day

by Sep Editor

Exposed spy photo of ET5 as released by netizen (Photo Credit: Weibo @rouroudad)


Nio (NIO Inc.) released a teaser image on twitter on December 14, which appears to be the glimpse of new sedan model ET5. Sheets will be pulled off with new product release during its annual NIO day 2021 in Olympics Sports Center in Suzhou, on Dec. 18.

Preview picture for product launch on Nio Day (Photo Credit: Nio Official Website)

As a pioneer in China’s premium electric vehicle market, Nio gears up to showcase its recent products and services, as well as upcoming key announcements, in NIO Day, its annual gala event.


After being suggested by the tail lights in the twitter preview, as well as seeing sources from NIO’s Q2 financial report, in which CEO William Li cited to “deliver three new products based on the NIO Technology Platform 2.0”, many believe that Nio is set to launch a new small sedan named ET5.

ET5 may be equipped with lidar and point-to-point Nio Autonomous Driving capacities. Another source also expects the second-generation electric drive system to consist of a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a front axle of 180kW and an asynchronous induction motor with a rear axle of 300kW, with system comprehensive power of 480kW and a peak torque of 850Nm.

If these assumptions serve adequately, ET5 will be able to compete with other mid-size EV sedans such as Tesla, Inc.’s TSLA -0.82% (Get Free Alerts for TSLA) Model 3, Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft’s (PNK: BMWYY) i3 and Daimler AG’s (PNK: DDAIF) Mercedes C-Class EV.



As announced in the official website, the theme for this year’s event, “Hello World”, serves to welcome more opportunities awaits, as the release of ET7, oversea expansions, and construction of research center NEO PARK, set up open possibilities.

Nio is planning to enter five European countries next year and has already launched its NIO ES8 in Norway, with NIO House Oslo opening from October 1, and to provide mobile service and car pickup-and-delivery services in the near future.

William Li, CEO of Nio has said recently on an earning call that “a quarter of Norwegian test drivers are interested in buying NIO, which serves a higher proportion than that of in China.” Nio is ambitious to compete with powerful players such as Tesla in the luxury car market.


Opening of Nio House in Oslo, Norway. (Photo Credit: Nio Official Website)

Whilst the speculations continue to spark heated discussions, official information is to be revealed on December 18.

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