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Tesla Announces New Investment In Gigafactory Shanghai

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Tesla has new moves in their Gigafactory worldwide, such as Tesla might soon be revealing new cars colours with its Berlin Gigafactory. Earlier, Tesla officially announced that Gigafactory Shanghai will have a New investment earlier.

As early as last year, Gigafactory Shanghai has overtaken the first factory Fremont Factory, which is in United States, in manufacturing capacity, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and the Chinese facility has become the company’s new main export center. In fact, Gigafactory Shanghai only started production in December 2019. However, it is already by far the most productive electric vehicle manufacturing globally, having only been in operation for two years.

But in fact, due to the intensified impact of the US-China trade war last year, the tariffs imposed on Chinese imports made the US impose a 25% tariff on electric vehicles imported from China. Adding that Tesla faced a series of public crises in China, resulting in government regulatory pressure when the controversy has led to a decline in sales. There was news that Tesla deliberately abandoned the expansion bid and postponed plans to export China-made Tesla.

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After a year of postponing, Tesla will expand its employees as well as add a shift on some equipment. It ended 2021 with an annualized manufacturing rate of more than 800,000 automobiles and 15,000 employees. It appears to be continuing to expand. This new investment will enable Gigafactory Shanghai to produce one million electric cars per year at the factory.

Notably, Tesla recalls 26,047 China-made Model 3 and Model Y only this month, making China-made Teslas a concern. The recall is because the heat pump electronic expansion valve of some vehicles. The defroster function decline will interfere with the driver’s vision, thereby increasing the possibility of a collision risk when the vehicle is driving in cold weather, causing a potential safety hazard. However, the market still seems to be optimistic about Tesla’s growth, making second-hand Tesla more expensive than a new one.

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