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Tesla Model 3 owner asks $600K USD for 20 minutes of charging

Banned for using the Supercharger before pay off

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(Credit: Tesla)

The popularity of Tesla in China is obvious. Second-hand Tesla is more expensive than a new one in China. The fast-charging system Supercharger is undoubtedly one of the reasons for Tesla’s significant increase in market share. However, an error has occurred in this charging system recently, according to Weibo.

Credit: @滤镜粉碎机

A recent post by Weibo user @滤镜粉碎机 stated that a Tesla Model 3 owner told them that he has been using the supercharger free mileage in the car purchase plan since September last year, and there has been no major problem.

However, after using the Supercharger to charge his car for about 20 minutes on the 27th of last month, the owner actually received a charging fee of about $608,000 (RMB 3,846,306). The Tesla charging app showed that the owner used 1,923,720 kWh. The Supercharger applies “Tier 1” charging when the vehicle is charged at 60 kW or less and “Tier 2” charging when charging above 60 kW. Tier 1 costs half as much as Tier 2, and the owner’s Model 3 is a 60-kWh pack in the 2020 entry-level Model 3. With such specifications, charging for 20 minutes is about 80% charged. However, 1,923,720 kWh means the owner’s Model 3 can be charged 32,062 packs from 0% to 100%.

Currently, the owner has been banned from using the Supercharger until fully paid. Similar charging problems are also Tesla’s charge for idle fees as high as $1 RMB per minute, about $60 USD per hour, causing an uproar on the Internet that Tesla is charging too much.

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Credit: Tesla

Regarding this incident, after verification by @滤镜粉碎机, Tesla said that it was an error in the back-end system and they are fixing it, but it has not yet been resolved.

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