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The one guide you need to China EV Maker Li Auto first tier suppliers

by SEP Editor
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In order to better understand Li Auto’ extraordinary performance, the following is a list of core parts providers of Li ONE.This index will continue to be updated every month by our team.

(Photo Credit: Li Auto)

Powertrain suppliers

Engine: Dongan Power(DAAE)

Range extender: AVL and Delphi

Battery: Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) 

Electric drive control system: Huichuan Technology

Front drive starter motor: UAES

Rear drive starter motor: BorgWarner

Driveline: GKN

Thermal Management System: Valeo

Cooling pipes and intercooling pipes: Anhui Zhongding

Fuel tank: DONGHEE 

Chassis electronic control system: BOSCH

Suspension: MARELLI

Automotive electronic system suppliers

Central control screen: BOE

Voice: Xiaomi Xiaomi Xiao AI

Chip: Qualcomm

     Texas Instruments

Display glass: Corning

Car hardware: Dexiawei

System Kernel: Android

ADAS system: Forvishion

System Kernel: Linux

Vision chip: Mobileye

Radar and actuators: Bosch

Pedestrian alert system: MHE

Electronic gear shifter: Marquardt

Body and interior suppliers

Seats: Faurecia

Airbags and seat belts: JOYSON

Exterior mirrors: Magna

Tyres: Michelin

Auto Glass: Saint-Gobain

Air grille: Rochling

Abrasives: matrici

Aluminium sheet: Novelis

Steel: BAOWU

Paint: BASF

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