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The one guide you need to China EV Maker NIO first tier suppliers

by SEP Editor
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In order to better understand NIO’ extraordinary performance, the following is a list of core parts providers of NIO. This index will continue to be updated every month by our team.

Powertrain suppliers

Battery: Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) Samsung SDI

Battery Management System: UAES

Power battery heat transfer material: GLPOLY

Motor Insulation Paper: DuPont

Motor design solution: Hofer powertrain

Thermal management system: Air Conditioning International Thermal Systems

Electronic control system: BOSCH

Suspension system: Continental

Brake hoses: Continental, Meiji

Rear brake discs: Chassis Brakes 

Front brake discs: Brembo

Brake fluids: Delian

Electric steering: ThyssenKrupp

Compressor: Hanon

Solenoid expansion valve: SANHUA

Rear shock absorber assembly:  Fichtel&Sachs AG 

Main wiring harness electrical: THB

Steering knuckle: Liufeng Metal

Accelerator pedal sensor: Hella

Automotive electronic system suppliers

Vision system: Mobileye

Display: Newvishion Electronics

LCD instrumentation: MARELLI

Voice interaction: IFLYTEK

Smartphone terminal: Continental

Radar: BOSCH

Central control and USB module: Desay SV

Body and interior suppliers


Front bumper tailgate assembly: YIPO

Tailgate controller and alarm: Edscha

Glass: Fuyao

Wipers: BOSCH

Sun visors: Daimler

Safety restraint system: FEINTOOL

Complete interior package: Antolin

Turn signals in mirrors: Magna

Seat comfort system: Kongsberg

Headlights: MARELLI

Tyres: Continental Pirelli


Aluminium body material: Nobelis

Rear frame assembly: Casma

Front camera: HOYSON

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