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The Spy Shots of ES7 Suggest a New NIO SUV Coming

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Another NIO electric vehicle followed closely on the heels of NIO ET5’s event. Just after two weeks of the mid-sized stylish saloon, spy shots of a new NIO’s SUV were posted on the Internet. That model is likely to be the NIO ES7.

Judging by the size of the black SUV, it looks longer than ES6 but shorter than ES8. This SUV will be released in 2022, joining the lineup of ET5, ET7, EC6, ES6, and ES8. The vehicle on a road test was covered well, giving away few details. It is equipped with a LiDAR and two cameras in the front on the roof similar to the ET7. Still, it will be based on the NT2.0 technology platform



The most recent big event of NIO—NIO Day 2021 may have leaked some other important information about this mysterious vehicle. The new model might also install batteries with great capacity. The monster battery pack in ET5 can power the vehicle for as long as 1,000 kilometers of range with a single charge. Likewise, the ES7 could come with 75 kWh, 100 kWh, and 150 kWh battery pack options, delivering a range from 550 kilometers to 1000 kilometers.

Not surprisingly, there would be a price drop if buyers choose BaaS (Battery-as-a-Service). For example, the pre-subsidy price of an entry-level ET5 begins at 328,000 yuan. If buyers choose BaaS battery rental program, the price for the same model may drop to 258,000 yuan. Days ago,

CATL’s EVOGO also announced battery swapping services in China, and NIO sees the world’s largest battery maker’s move as a validation for its own battery swapping efforts. So this service will apply to ES7.



In 2021, NIO sold 91,429 EVs, ranking the second among the emerging EV makers in China. As new products join the market in 2022, NIO is well-positioned to continue the momentum.

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