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Huawei-backed AITO announced M5’s official pricing

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Feb.26, China – AITO, a popular electric vehicle brand jointly created by Huawei and Seres, has published its official pricing for three car types of its first model, the Wenjie M5.

The M5 is offered in three versions with a starting price of RMB 249,800 ($39,560), according to information released by AITO today. The respective car prices are:

  • The standard rear-wheel-drive version starts at RMB 249,800.
  • The four-wheel-drive performance version starts at RMB 279,800.
  • The four-wheel-drive flagship version is priced at RMB 319,800.

These prices are RMB 200 lower than the pre-sale prices offered when the model was announced on December 23rd last year.

The prices of the first two versions are post-subsidy prices and the third version is not eligible for China’s state subsidies.

This is because new energy vehicles (NEVs) priced above RMB 300,000 are not eligible for purchase subsidies under current policy, with models that support battery swap being an exception.

Photo credit:qiche365.org

M5’s comparison with Model Y and NIO ES6 

Wenjie M5 is equipped with a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender and 40-kWh battery pack. It is able to be energised by both charging and refuelling. When having full fuel and battery, it is able to run more than 1100 km. 

Model Y has a 78.4-kWh battery pack and is able to run 640km. NIO ES6 is able to run 600km with its 100kWh battery pack. 

As shown, pure-electric-powered cars have less endurance than the M5. 

Wenjie M5 is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds for the four-wheel-drive flagship version and 4.8 seconds for the four-wheel-drive performance model.

Model Y has a total motor power of 331kw, with an acceleration speed of 5 seconds. While NIO ES6 has an acceleration time of 5.6 seconds.

M5 has the fastest acceleration among those cars. 

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