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Top 10 Chinese Electric Car Export Countries Ranking

Belgium won the first place unexpectedly.

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China’s EVs has been exported to various countries. Not just for big carmakers like NIO, BYD and XPeng, which exported lots of vehicles to Europe and South Asia, some EV startups like Voyage also plan to enter other countries. Earlier, the China Association of Automotive Manufacturers (CAAM) released the top ten countries where China exports new energy vehicles.

CAAM is a non-profit organization founded in Beijing in May 1987 formed based on the principle of equality and voluntariness, consisting of enterprises and institutions as well as organizations engaged in production and management of automobiles, auto parts, and vehicle-related industries founded within the boundaries of the People’s Republic of China. 

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The top three are Belgium, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom. These ten nations received 424,000 new energy vehicles in total, accounting for 77.8% of China’s total new energy vehicle exports.

While it might be surprising, Belgium is China’s top export destination. In addition to the leaders of Chinese EV manufacturers Nio, Xpeng and BYD, Belgium is one of the other Chinese startup Aiways’ biggest markets. There is also a saying that CAAM probably counts the shadow import. The Belgian car dealers are well-known for importing every kind of car if available.

Bangladesh, India and Thailand are China’s neighbours, all of which are the main target customers of China EV companies. Thus it is not too surprising that they appear on the ranking.

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Also worth mentioning is Norway. Although Norway did not make on list this time, Nio, Xpeng, and BYD indeed focused on expanding their sales in the country. Because Norway has the highest EV adoption globally. However, for now, these carmakers perhaps are still in the stage of brand building, checking if the car is suitable for local consumer habits or road conditions. It is believed that in 2022 Norway will undoubtedly be one of the biggest import countries of China’s EV.

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