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WeChat In-Vehicle supports 15 manufacturers, including Audi, BMW and Li Auto

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WeChat, the Chinese version of facebook, recently updated the introduction page of “WeChat In-Vehicle Edition”, showing that the WeChat In-Vehicle Eersion has been connected to 15 car companies, including Audi, BMW, Li Auto, Changan Automobile , Great Wall Motor, etc.

WeChat said that the above car manufacturers have installed the WeChat  In-Vehicle Eersion in some models, and more car manufacturers are opening up access. When the car leaves the factory, the WeChat In-Vehicle Eersion has been adapted, and the non-adapted models do not support separate download and installation.

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Why it matters

Given the increasing intelligence of today’s cars and the many scenarios in which car owners use WeChat while driving, Tencent launched WeChat In-Vehicle Edition in August 2019. WeChat officially reported that, in order to ensure users’ driving safety, WeChat In-Vehicle Eersion only provides the three most commonly used functions in the driving environment: viewing unread messages, sending messages, and voice calls.

Details of WeChat In-Vehicle Edition

WeChat In-Vehicle Edition interacts mainly by voice, without the need to tap and touch to operate the application. In the driving scenario, users can always focus on driving itself. By using the steering wheel buttons, drivers can quickly wake up WeChat In-Vehicle Edition , broadcast and reply to messages, answer and hang up voice calls, and safely communicate with their friends without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

It is important to note that the CarPlay adaptation that many users were expecting has not yet appeared.

If CarPlay can be adapted, it will be possible to meet the WeChat In-Vehicle Edition support for multiple brands and models at once, just by having an iPhone and a car that supports CarPlay, which currently supports a lot of vehicles.

WeChat In-Vehicle Edition in the future

The purpose of Tencent’s WeChat In-Vehicle Edition is to make the car a “smart car”,  similar to a smartphone through the leadership of WeChat. Once the car is “smart”, there is the possibility of tapping into the deeper resources of the car. In the future, when self-driving becomes a new social scene, once the self-driving technology is mature, drivers will be able to free up all their attention to experience the services provided by the WeChat In-Vehicle Edition.

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