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What’s the hype with NIO community

by SEP Editor
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Let’s start from the start.

NIO defined four concepts to enhance the owner experience: car, service, digital touchpoints and life beyond the EV.

The following story is all about the life beyond the EV, which NIO made its name.

Join the club- NIO house, EC club on and offline

NIO’s app is a phone app which has different functions to save NIO’s credits (“Niu credits”) in order to join EC club, the VIP owner community. Online shops, forums are held and get to connect with CEO William Li.

Coffee, lounges and meeting rooms are provided at NIO House.

A competition in Niu credits

NIO’s fanatics are obsessed in Niu’ credits. They promote NIO to anonymous on other online forums or even at the NIO house. When people buy NIO’s EVs, they scan the QR code of the promoter and the promoter gets their Niu credits, which is an accomplishment to the car owners.

Clearly, NIO has built a complete “community” online and offline similarly to APPLE. It made outstanding deliveries last year with the highest EV delivery number.

To sum up, NIO is becoming a religion. Owners get accomplishment from NIO and NIO becomes more successful but with the pandemic continuing in China, the bonds between NIO and owners are becoming weaker, how will NIO react and keep their lead in marketing? Time will tell.

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