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Where Can You Get Cheapest Tesla?

Price gap is much as nearly $40K

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(Photo Credit: Tesla)

Tesla can be said to be the most well-known electric vehicle brand in the world. It is different from when it first came out that only users in the United States can buy Tesla. Now Tesla can be purchased all over the world. Tesla’s prices are different in various countries due to tariffs and transportation costs. Confused.com released a list earlier, revealing for you where to buy Tesla for the lowest and highest price.

This time Confused.com selected the Tesla Model 3, Tesla’s most popular car with the highest sales and lowest price. Prices are sourced from the local Tesla official website in each country. These prices include taxes and any potential grants per that country’s policies.

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(Credit: Confused.com)

First, the top three cheapest countries are Macau, China and Romania.

Converting all local currencies into US dollars is $40,382, $41,653 and $41,814, respectively. Although Macau and China use different currencies, most of the Model 3s they sell are Model 3s produced by Tesla’s Shanghai gigafactory. They are locally manufactured and sell locally, with lower tariffs, government subsidies and currency conversion. Thus these two places have the lowest Tesla prices. The United States, which has a similar situation, is also ranked ninth on this list, with a price of $44,990, which is about 13% different from Macau. Compared with the price level of these countries, the difference in prices is normal.

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(Credit: Tesla)

Then there are the top three most expensive countries, namely Singapore, Israel and Sweden. In Singapore, the price of the Model 3 is as high as $83,489, which is more than double the price of neighbouring China. It is also $18,860 higher than the second expensive Israel’s $64,629 due to Singapore’s high tariffs. In addition, Sweden in third place may also be due to the relatively high price of Tesla, the local people have also switched to the China EV Maker NIO model in the choice of electric vehicles. NIO has a large number of Scandinavian fans.

It must be noted that these prices are up to date at the time of the study, but as many of us know, Tesla’s EV prices fluctuate quite often, as do exchange rates between the US, EU, and the UK. Those who want to know more details can visit Confused.com.

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