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WM Motors Suffered Fire Accident, Again

the EX5 was recalled due to multiple fire incidents late last year.

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一張含有 汽車, 路面, 建築物, 室外 的圖片

(Photo Credit: WM Motors)

Although it is just entering 2022, Chinese brands that produce new energy vehicles such as XPENG, NIO and BYD have brought a lot of good news to consumers, such as NIO ET7 is about to be launched officially, BYD reportedly to be the battery supplier for SAIC-GM’ PHEV models, etc.

Much positive news has made the world look forward to the more vigorous development of China’s electric vehicle market this year. However, WM Motors, also from China, was shrouded in dark clouds. It was reported earlier that the spontaneous combustion of its models had occurred again.

This time, the fire happened on the side of the road in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, eastern China. The exposed photos show that the model seems to be the first mass-produced car EX5 of WM Motor. The WM Motors’ EX5 is a pure electric smart car. As an SUV model, EX5 uses 160 kW electric drive modules supplied by BorgWarner that can provide up to 315 N⋅m of torque.

Actually, the EX5 is the model that was recalled due to multiple fire incidents late last year.

一張含有 汽車 的圖片

(Photo Credit: Credit: cnevpost)

If it is only a single event, although it also has a considerable negative impact on the company, it may also be classified as a case-by-case emergency.

However, since the end of December last year, WM Motors’ EX5 had three fires in a row in four days. Even though the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation, in October last year, the same car also had many fires. These include whether the cars are in parking status or charging. At that time, the official investigation result was that some vehicles’ batteries had safety problems. As a result, WM Motors took the initiative to file a recall plan with the China government, including 1,282 vehicles.

Regarding this fire incident, WM Motor has not commented as of now. Please stay tuned for further investigation results.

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