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Wuling MINIEV 2022 Version Revealed

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(Credit: yiche)

After the leaked photos of the Wuling MINIEV convertible version last week. Today, the internet exposed some of the new 2022 version of Wuling MINIEV, following the footsteps of BYD Tang 2022.

Wuling MINIEV has been hailed as China’s “Most Favourite Car. Compared with the current model, the new MINIEV has only made a small adjustment to the exterior and interior details. In terms of size, Wuling MINIEV 2022 has a significantly longer body length, and the wheelbase increased around 70mm. The front and rear bumpers of the new MINIEV adopt a new design, and the shape is similar to that of the MINIEV convertible version. At the same time, a brand-new headlight group is also installed. The front brand logo adopts a luminous design, which further enhances the recognition of the front face. The new GB logo replaces the current brand logo, and the tail also adopts an X-shaped taillight group. In addition to the new style steering wheel, the new MINIEV is equipped with a unique style steering wheel. The interior details have also been fine-tuned, and the centre console bulge has changed from a broken line to a straight line.

一張含有 文字, 路面, 室外, 汽車 的圖片

(Credit: yiche)

For the power part, the new car may be equipped with a drive motor with a maximum power of 30kW and a 26.5kWh battery pack, which is the same as the previously exposed convertible version. Similarly, the cruising range is expected to be increased to 300km (CLTC condition), and fast charging technology will be added.

一張含有 汽車, 汽車座椅 的圖片

(Credit: yiche)

At present, Wuling MINIEV 2022 Version has no exact release date and price, but it is believed that the price should be between $28,800 RMB and $90,000 RMB, which will not exceed the price of the convertible version. If you are interested, please stay tuned for further information.

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