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Wuling MINIEV Convertible Version Revealed

One of the best in sales in EV market.

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Last year, monthly sales volume for Wuling MINIEV surpassed Tesla’s most popular model, the Model 3. The Convertible Version of Wuling MINIEV, which has been hailed as China’s “Most Favourite Car”, was exposed on the internet earlier. becoming one of the biggest highlights in EV market this week.

Why it matters

The popularity of Wuling MINIEV is a phenomenon. In addition to defeating Tesla, although the price is nearly tripled from $28,800 RMB to almost $90,000 RMB, the brand name is a newly registered “Nikrob EV”, as soon as it landed in Europe, the sales volume was still astonishing.

Unlike NIO, Aiways and other car manufacturers that mostly focus on SUVs or Sedens, the new Wuling MINIEV convertible version is far more eye-catching in the electric vehicle market. The Wuling Hongguang MINIEV convertible version in the leaked picture has no camouflage. It can be seen that the overall body design of the car still maintains the style of the current model. 

一張含有 文字, 路面, 建築物, 汽車 的圖片

(Photo Credit: Sohu)

Basic Feature for Hongguang MINIEV

  • An entry-level pure electric model
  • Equipped with a 30-kilowatt motor.
  • Equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery.
  • The closed grille is matched with redesigned C-shaped daytime running lights on both sides.
  • The roof of the Wuling MINIEV convertible version adopts a soft-top convertible design. It is estimated that the opening method is manual opening, and it is the same level as the car body after storage.
  • A roll cage added behind the seat.

In addition, according to the pictures previously released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the tail shape of the Hongguang MINIEV convertible version will also be equipped with black trim strips to echo the front of the car.

According to Sohu’s news, the Wuling MINIEV convertible version is expected to be officially launched in the second quarter of 2022. Stay tuned for further information.

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