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Wuling MINIEV Gameboy series revealed

A series of four eye-catching car paintings.

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(Photo Credit: autohome)

Wuling MINIEV continues to amaze everyone in its style. Following the previously exposed convertible version and the brand new 2022 Version, Wuling once again revealed a new special edition painting.

The Wuling MINIEV GAMEBOY series has four colours named Hurricane Phantom, Jungle Crossing, Interstellar, and Party Sweetheart. The new car’s exteriors adopt a similar style to the Wuling MINIEV 2022 version, with a closed front grille design with rounded rectangular headlights on both sides. 

(Photo Credit: Wuling)

What is worth noticing is the car painting. According to the official introduction, there are four themes for the car painting. The Hurricane Phantom draws inspiration from the classic skin themes from the eSports, with a cool collision of black and red, creating a dynamic and glamorous style that young people love today. The Jungle Crossing is inspired by the competitive military games that teenagers enjoy, giving people a different experience like being in the jungle. The Interstellar represents the cyberpunk style in sci-fi games, and the magic white echoes the galaxy. The Party Sweetheart integrated into the color language of simulation games. The coffee colour and khaki colour are perfectly combined. The whole car conveys a different sweet and relaxed style in vitality.

In terms of body size, its length, width, and height are 2997/1493/1604mm, and its wheelbase is 2010mm. The tail still continues the design of the current model. Still, the interior of the taillights has been upgraded, and the X layout is adopted to make the new car look younger and more fashionable. The car’s power, like the Wuling MINIEV 2022 Version, is equipped with a drive motor with a maximum power of 30kW and a 26.5kWh battery pack. The cruising range offers two 200km/300km options to select.

一張含有 黑色, 廚房電器 的圖片

(Credit: Wuling)

In addition, the official also launched the original factory personalized customization service platform to meet the needs of consumers for more personalized customization. The new car will be officially unveiled during the 2022 Beijing Auto Show.

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