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XPeng 20kW DC Home Charger Officially Revealed

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(Credit: XPeng)

Building charging stations are crucial for commercialisations of electric vehicles. While United States President Joe Biden stated to create a nationwide charging network and deploy more than 500,000 charging stations. China EV maker NIO also aims to catch up with Tesla’s eight thousand supercharging piles. Earlier, XPeng officially released a new product of the supercharging system series – a 20kW DC charger.

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(Credit: XPeng)

The XPeng 20kW DC home charger is installed on the wall. The design is larger than that of ordinary home charging piles. Unlike the NIO and Tesla’s Gen 3 wall connector, which released four new colours in China last month, XPeng 20kW DC home charger only has one colour.

In terms of power, the original XPeng AC wall connector home charging pile provides 7KW or 11KW power configuration according to different models. This time, the DC power charging pile reaches 20kW power, which is nearly three times faster than the original home charging pile. Although it is far from the rated power of 90kW to 480kW of the XPeng supercharger, it is relatively safer for home use, and the time of full charging is absolutely enough.

In addition, the new home charger will also support IP65 dust and water resistance, which can provide charging services for car owners at all time and weather conditions. It also adopts a lightweight design in the design of the piles, which is easier to use. The quiet mode of charging creates a more comfortable charging environment for the household.

The release date and price of the brand 20kW charger is not yet being released. Stay tuned for more information.

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