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XPeng added to Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect after inclusion in similar channel in Shenzhen

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Feb.18, China – The Shanghai Stock Exchange has included XPeng’s shares traded in Hong Kong in its Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect list, which will take effect from the next trading day. 

This is just after the Shenzhen Stock Exchange included XPeng in the stock connect program linking the mainland and Hong Kong earlier this month.

On February 9, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced that it had adjusted the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect list to include XPeng Hong Kong shares, effective that day.

According to the announcement, The list will be next adjusted on March 7. XPeng’s local counterpart Li Auto is expected to be included in the list at that time.

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Influence of this announcement

XPeng is the first electric vehicle maker to be included in the Hong Kong-Mainland Stock Connect.

Similar to the last announcement, this one allows Chinese mainland investors to trade their stocks more easily, although investors with securities account assets of more than RMB 500,000 will only be eligible to participate in the facility.

Hong Kong stocks bought by investors using their Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect account can only be sold through that account, and the same is true for the Shanghai account.

Since being included in Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect on February 9, XPeng shares traded in Hong Kong have risen about 10 percent.

Why XPeng? 

From 2021, XPeng’s car sale amounts have been steadily increasing. It has won the 2021 new power selling champion with a score of 98155 sales annually.

Till Jan. 2022, Xpeng’s historical sales amount has surpassed 150,000 cars. 

Due to the optimistic expectation towards Xpeng’s product quality and growth potential, it has gained the first entry into Hong Kong-Mainland stock.

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