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XPeng Becomes Shareholder Of Semiconductor Company Inventchip

Attempt To Ease Chip Supply Instability 

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Mar.7, China – According to TianyanCha, Shanghai Inventchip Electronics Technology Co., LTD. has recently undergone industrial and commercial changes, adding XPeng Automobile Investment Consulting Partnership as one of its shareholders. Inventchip’s registered capital of the enterprise has increased from 49.2188 million RMB to 51,114 million RMB.

Guangzhou Xiaopeng Automobile Investment Consulting Partnership is now holding 3.70899% of Inventchip’s stock.


Inventchip is a high-tech electronic company focusing on the silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor field. It was based on Shanghai’s Liangjiang Free Trade Zone in 2017. 

Since its establishment, Inventchip has been developing 6-inch SiC MOSFET products. After three years of in-depth research and development, it has become China’s first company that can master 6-inch SiC MOSFET and SBD process and SiC MOSFET driver chips.

Invent chip has cooperated with virtual IDM model and domestic first-line semiconductor industry partners to complete wafer fabrication, module encapsulation and performance and reliability test.

Inventchip provides complete sets of SiC power devices and chip solutions for China’s new energy industry and creates the key link of China’s independent silicon carbide power electronic industry chain. 

Inventchip currently has 28  shareholders, with the largest one being Shanghai Zhuanxin Consulting and Management Enterprise, holding 39.01039 percent of the stock. 

Other shareholders also include Xiaomi Changjiang Industrial Fund Partnership, Phase 2 of Advanced Manufacturing Industry Investment Fund, and Shenzhen Megmeet Electrical Company.

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Why would XPeng invest in InventChip?

InventChip points out that the company is focusing on SiC MOSFET, producing products at switching power supply, electronic control, and automotive electronics applications. 

InventChip’s silicon carbide semiconductor allows NEV to perform with higher efficiency. The ‘Double carbon’ background causes new energy vehicles and other new energy industries to gain reform and vigorous development opportunities. 

Xiaofeng Zhang, XPeng’s vice president and chief investment officer, suggests that SiC power devices have numerous advantages at conversion efficiencies, volume, heat dissipation, etc. With customers and companies’ optimistic views towards NEV sales, SiC’s application in electric drive, OBC, and charging stations will expand its market.

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