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XPeng collaborate with Emil Frey NV and Bilia for its Europe market 

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On February 11, Xpeng announced its Strategic Partnership Agreement with Europes’ head dealer company—— Netherland’s Emil Frey NV Group and Sweden’s Bilia Group

The current progress of XPeng in Europe’s market

On Feb. 11, Xpeng’s first Swedish shop opened in the Westfield Shopping Centre in the Scandinavian Peninsula. 

The Sweden sector manager Elvis Cheng said that the Westfield Shopping Centre is ideal for Xpeng to get in touch with local citizens. Xpeng will be providing trial drives for its car types there. 

Direct experience centres in Netherland, Denmark, and Norway will be completed soon too. 

The direct experience centre is the key point that allows Xpeng to display its brand image. 

He Xiaopeng, co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Xpeng has stated that apart from Sweden, the company also has plans to enter two more European markets this year — Denmark and the Netherlands. It will also put in efforts to expand its presence in Norway.

XPeng has been using a retail model of “direct sales+authorization” in China’s domestic market. It will continue this strategy in Europe’s market. 

(Photo Credit: auto.gasgoo.com)

XPeng’s preparation

In Feb. 2021, Xpeng established its Europe centre in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. It also builds offices in Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Sweden.  

XPENG Motors is currently building its EVs in Zhaoqing, China, and setting up new factories in Guangzhou and Wuhan. Once these new units are up and running, the company will have more than 400,000 units.  It has the potential to roll out up to 600,000 electric cars annually if changed into double shift production. 

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