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Xpeng expands to Sweden and the Netherlands in Q1 2022

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Xpeng officially announced the expansion of its European sales network to the Netherlands and Sweden a few days ago. The newly opened brand experience store is expected to open in the first quarter of 2022.

According to the official statement, the expansion of the sales network to Denmark is well underway.

In the Netherlands, Xpeng reached a strategic agency retail partnership agreement with Emil Frey, one of Europe’s largest automotive retail organizations, which will manage Xpeng’s stores and develop a sales and service network in the Netherlands, with the first experience store to be located in Westfield Mall in The Hague, Netherlands.

In Sweden, Xpeng has reached an agency retail partnership agreement with Bilia, the country’s largest car dealer and distributor, with the first experience store opening this week in Stockholm.

By partnering with Europe’s largest and  local largest car seller, Xpeng hopes to accelerate the process of emissions reduction and electrification in Europe.

“Our global journey began in Europe, where Xpeng is committed to improving the penetration of smart EVs, strongly supports the European EV development strategy and building partnerships with top local companies to accelerate energy savings and electrification in Europe.”

“This approach will optimize our strengths in digitalization, rapid iteration of product features, quality control, and operational efficiency, while best leveraging our partners’ deep local knowledge, well-established networks, and customer expertise.”said by the Chairman and CEO of Xpeng.

(Photo Credit: InsideEvs)

Why it matters

Not surprisingly, most Chinese companies are now aiming for universal values and then achieving them through their own products, thereby increasing sales.

Xpeng has already introduced two models in the European Norwegian market – P7 and G3 and Xpeng has officially confirmed that the P5 sedan will soon be displayed in Sweden, and can be expected to be released in Europe in the future.

Unlike Tesla, where Elon Musk is more focused on his own dreams, Xpeng is focused on the people of the world. The company has noticed that the electrification process in Europe might be relatively slow, and then started to plan for a strong development in Europe.

Of course, the ultimate goal of a business is to make money, and this seems to be something that even Xpeng and Tesla have never forgotten.

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