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XPeng Feb Sales Down 51.8 Percent From Jan

6,225 delivery in Feb , up 180% year-on-year

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(Source: XPeng reports)

In February, XPeng Motors delivered 6,225 vehicles, which is up 180 percent year-on-year, but down 51.8 percent from 12,922 vehicles in January.

More details

XPeng delivered 6,225 Smart EVs in February 2022, representing a 180% increase year-over-year. 

The February deliveries consisted of 3,537 P7 smart sports sedans, representing a 151% year-over-year increase. 2,059 P5 smart family sedans were delivered in February, bringing cumulative deliveries of the P5 to 13,953 since its launch in September 2021. Also, 629 G3 & G3i smart compact SUVs were delivered in February.

Also, there is a total unit of 19,147 cars delivered this year. 

Reason for decline 

The decline was mainly due to the Chinese New Year holiday from January 31 to February 6. This period is usually a slow season for car sales.

XPeng explained’ The Zhaoqing base underwent a technical transformation during the Chinese New Year holidays, we are planning to recover the production in the middle of February.’

XPeng’s technical renovation of the Zhaoqing site has been completed and the plant resumed full production in mid-February, the company said, adding that the higher production efficiency will further fuel the accelerated delivery of the large number of orders on hand.

After the upgrade, the plant will perform a higher production efficiency, further fueling the accelerated delivery of the large number of orders on hand, Xpeng claims. 

(Photo credit: Xpeng)

XPeng’s other achievements in February 

Currently, XPeng is releasing three car types and forms a certain product matrix effect. There is news about XPeng’s fourth car brand, XPeng G9, which will be open for pre-sale this year. This attracts popularity to XPeng. 

Besides, XPeng is formally included in the Hong Kong-Mainland stock connect. This not only ensures XPeng’s first place in the intelligent technology area but also enhances its product image.  

The Company has also announced its strategic partnerships with two renowned European automobile players for agency retail collaborations in the Netherlands and Sweden. In February, XPeng’s first branded overseas retail experience store opened in Stockholm, Sweden.

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