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XPeng P7 sedan with LiDARs may be coming

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(Photo credit: ev.sina.com)

The latest information indicates that its flagship sedan, the P7, may also get a facelift with LiDARs.

Before, XPeng’s P5 sedan has come with LiDARs on some of its higher trim versions. The upcoming SUV G9, delivered this year, will also come with these parts.

Test photos specifics 

A series of test photos were released on the internet on XPeng’s new P7 by a Weibo blogger. We can see that the new car is now under testing from the photo. There are camouflage stickers on the car.

Separately, another Weibo car blogger shared images yesterday showing a closely camouflaged P7, suggesting the model may be getting a facelifted version.

It is very possible that the side part of the car has LiDARs.

“These are spy shots of a camouflaged car from one of the new car makers. It looks like a facelift of one of the hot models,” the user said.

The images shared by the blogger only show the side and rear of the vehicle, and it’s not clear if the front part of the car has LiDARs.

(Photo credit: ev.sina.com)

What is LiDAR?

Analysts suggested that the LIDAR technology can be used in the car’s autonomous pilot function and safety navigation functions. LIDAR’s function includes:

  • It can help the car to detect and avoid obstacles. 
  • It has a very high distance and angle resolution ratio and a wide speed-detection range.
  • It can acquire numerous images of the target without being interrupted. 
  • It increases the car’s sensibility and upgrades the car’s intelligent functions. 

LiDAR technology will make P7 very attractive to customers by making:

  • P7 is able to measure distance accurately at a centimetre-level scale
  • P7 is able to detect obstacles within 150 metres and covers 150° within its vision. 
  • P7’s detection ability is not interrupted by environmental light. It could work at night or in tunnels. 
  • Compared with the pure-optical algorithm used by Tesla, P7’s detection method has higher adaptability to China’s complicated road environment. 

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