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XPeng races to win the EV battle with Lidar technologies, Livox as first official partner

The application of lidar will elevate the smart driving experience by enhancing visuals and safety.

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(Photo Credit: Livoxtech)

XPeng Inc. (NYSE: XPEV, HKEX: 9868. HK)) empowered its P5 model car with Livox HAP Lidar to overcome the technological barrier in intelligent autonomous driving, according to news release. Xpeng is currently taking the lead in self-driving technologies, yesterday with another Pre-C funding for top EV LIDAR solution supplier ZVISION.

The past year of 2021 is another booming year for the EV industry, but not without difficulties.

There had been several incidents that caused doubts in the development of the industry and made EV manufacturers a lot more cautious about their intelligent autonomous driving system. Livox officially released it’s HAP Lidar during this crucial period and had investors and the public regained confidence. 

One of the main barriers that EV manufacturers face is the recognition of static objects ahead in a complex city driving condition. With XPeng adopting Livox HAP Lidar, it has a better 3D detection range compared to other competitors.

As a 3D sensor, HAP Lidar has the features of long range detection, excellent resolution, little influence from ambient light, and direct acquisition of object distance information, which can significantly improve the reliability and user experience of the intelligent driving system. HAP’s detection range increased to 150 metres and it’s the horizontal FOV is 120°×25°. With an angular resolution of 0.16°×0.2°,  HAP boosted cloud density equivalent to 144 lines. 

(Photo Credti: XPeng)

XPeng also has a price advantage using HAP because one of the key features of HAP is having the selling price controlled below RMB10,000. Livox’s new manufacturing centre is equipped with fully automated lidar assembly lines, each boasting an annual capacity of up to 200,000 pieces. This centre meets Livox’s future expanding needs and makes cost-effective mass production in light. 

XPeng & Tesla

With the advancement of XPeng’s intelligent autonomous driving system, XPeng is gradually catching up with Tesla and gaining its advantages in the China EV market, especially after the growing concerns over Tesla’s ADAS system capabilities. There had been safety concerns of ADAS, with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) citing eleven incidents of collisions related to the malfunction of ADAS.

Moreover, Elon Musk himself had admitted on Twitter that Tesla’s Full Self Driving software still needs more testing as users complain about false collision warnings and other issues. As XPeng empowers its XPILOT 3.5 with HAP, P5 will have better performance changing lanes, speeding up or slowing down, or overtaking cars on both on highways and in cities. In ADAS Test, XPeng P7 outperformed others with 83.7%, Tesla Model 3 obtained 70%.

There are still too many uncertainties in intelligence autonomous driving, but what is certain is the industry will not stop developing. Although investors and the public are only cautiously optimistic about intelligent autonomous driving after seeing the collisions reported in 2021, the development and mass production of lidar will help solve current barriers and difficulties partially. 

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