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XPeng releases four new car types, pricing starts from 164,700 RMB

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(Photo credit: autohome.com)

XPeng’s official website has been increasing 460+、510 two types and 4 new choices for its P5 series. The price starts from 164,700 RMB.

In total, P5’s current available selling car types reached 10, providing with the customers more choices.

The new added choices include: 

Type Price (RMB)
460E+ 184,700
510G 173,300
510E 193,300

The 460E+/460G+ upgraded the car’s rim section from 17 inches to 18 inches, with a price increase of 2000 RMB. The NEDC endurance ability decreased from 460km to 450 km. 

The 510G/510E has a lower NEDC endurance ability compared with 550G/550E, from 550 to 510km. Its price becomes cheaper for 5000 RMB. 

Photo credit: autohome.com

More information for P5

 The P5 has the strongest advanced driver assistance hardware system to date, with 32 perception sensors  and one sub-meter high-precision positioning unit.

LiDAR is one of the highlights of the P5 car type. 

Its automotive-grade LiDAR technology allows for 

  • Safety redundancy
  • Comprehensive and accurate recognition of vehicles, pedestrians, small obstacles on the road, 
  • The ability of recognition even in tunnels, night, fog, or rainy and snowy days. 

The P5’s two double-prism LiDAR units integrate with 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 millimetre-wave radars, 13 high-definition cameras, and a high-precision positioning unit, to allow 360-degree visual and LiDAR fusion perception of the road environment.

Another attraction of this car is the XPILOT 3.5 system it has. This is the latest and most advanced version of XPeng’s in-house-developed advanced driver assistance system, enabling 

  • The expansion of NGP, 
  • XPeng’s Navigation Guided Pilot system
  • High-precision navigation and assisted driving uniquely adapted to China’s challenging city road conditions.

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