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XPeng says NGP mileage exceeds 20 million km as feature turns one year old

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China, Jan. 26 – Xpeng Motors’ XPILOT 3.0 intelligent assistance driving system—— the high-speed navigation guided pilot (NGP) system welcomed its first anniversary since being open to customers. 

Over the years, The accumulated driving distance of NGP users has reached 19,253,223 kilometres. The data is dated January 20, and the mileage could circle the equator about 500 times, XPeng said. 

The accumulated driving time reached 224,119 hours. Over the past year, NGP has achieved 96 percent penetration among XPeng vehicle users.

In the past 365 days, the NGP total penetration ratio has reached 60%. This suggested that customers will use NGP driving assistance 6 kilometres per 10 kilometres driven on NGP available road sections. 

The period when the feature is most frequently enabled is 4-5 p.m. each day, the company said. 

The NGP function has been available to customers from 26 Jan. 2021. 

(Photo credit: geeknev.com)

NGP intelligent navigation assistance helps the car to achieve an intelligent navigation pilot from point A to B based on the customer’s set navigation route. 

During this year, NGP has been consistently upgrading, there are 23 types of experiences being enhanced in total. 

  • The 2.6.0 version added a voice-control route changing function and enables avoidance of large-sized vehicles.
  • 2.7.0 optimises the display experience of cone buckets and increases the success rate of entering and exiting ring roads. 

In Oct. 2021, Xpeng launched ‘NGP grading’(Beta), further providing the first ‘specialised user guide’ that combines drivers driving behaviour. 

  • This guide will decrease points when customers conduct misbehaviour. 
  • This helps customers to understand the safety limit of NGP and increases their safety consciousness.

The feature allows the vehicle to automatically change lanes, overtake, make speed limit adjustments and get on and off-ramps on the highway.

In the future, Xpeng will be continuing its optimization in NGP’s performance in high speed scenes. 

XPILOT 3.5version launched a city NGP function that is available to some of the city roads. 

At the end of March, last year, XPeng  completed a 3,000-kilometre NGP long-distance driving challenge, claiming a success rate of more than 90 percent in using the feature on the vast majority of roads.

Xpeng is about to implant more fast-charging stations in cities to enable its NGP to be used in cities. 

To enhance the recognition and decision making ability of NGP to adjust to a more complicated road situation in the cities, there will be LIDAR incorporated into NGP. 

During the usage of city NGP, the 8 car camera and 4 surround-view video cameras will be working at the same time, ensuring the car is able to drive safely under complicated circumstances. 

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