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XPeng sets up autonomous driving subsidiary for Robotaxis

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(Photo Credit: Xpeng)

Feb.21 China- Guangzhou Peng Xu Autonomous Driving Technology Co Ltd was officially established with a registered capital of 10 million yuan ($1.58 million), information from data provider Tianyancha shows.

The company’s legal representative is XPeng co-founder and president Henry Xia, and its industry is “research and experimental development.”

The company’s business scope includes artificial intelligence software development, data processing and storage, natural science research and experimental development, technology development, and technology consulting.The company is 100% owned by Guangdong Xpeng Motors Technology Co Ltd. 

(Photo Credit: Xpeng)

Why it matters

Previously, He Xiaopeng, CEO of Xpeng Motors, also publicly revealed that the company will launch a robotaxi business in 2022 to accelerate the commercialization of Xpeng’s intelligent driving technology.

So, the establishment of the new company and He Xiaopeng’s previous remarks can’t help but make people wonder if perhaps Xpeng Auto set up an autonomous driving company in order to develop and implement L4 level autonomous driving technology such as Robotaxi.

For Xpeng Auto, the data collected through the full-scene intelligent assisted driving (L2 autonomous driving) on the production car can help iterate its Robotaxi algorithm, and Robotaxi’s algorithm can be transferred to the production car to help the latter gradually achieve the “evolution” from L2 to L4.

The Robotaxi business will first be piloted in Guangzhou and will start with XPilot 3.5 and gradually transition to XPilot 4.0.

What caught our eye:

According to Xpeng Auto, it is expected that by the first half of 2023, Xpeng Auto will achieve full-scope L2 autonomous driving, which is close to the time when Robotaxi will be on the ground, as previously stated by He Xiaopeng.

By then, Xpeng Auto will have both mass-produced vehicles with L2-level autonomous driving and a scaled-up L4-level autonomous driving Robotaxi operating fleet.

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