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Your complete guide to top 10 China EV Cars in 2021

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At the end of 2021, the ranking came out, BYD took the first place. The other three EV-specialized companies also in the list-NIO, XPeng, Li Auto. Since the EV market in China is growing rapidly, many of the auto companies also want to  join the party. Here’s a complete guide to them.

1. BYD

  • Founded: 1995
  • Founder | Chairperson | CEO: Wang Chuanfu
  • HKEX: 1211 ; SZSE: 002594
  • Market cap: RMB 780.5B (as of the end of 2021)

BYD, headquartered in ShenZhen, is a HongKong and ShenZhen-listed Chinese private enterprise headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. BYD’s business around the world in more than 300 cities in more than 50 countries and regions around the world. It is mainly engaged in the secondary charging battery business, cell phone components and assembly business, as well as the automobile business including conventional vehicles and new energy vehicles, and is actively expanding its business in the field of new energy products. 

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BYD collaborated with Shenzhen Airport to establish the first electric airport express bus team in China

2. Great Wall Motor

  • Founded: 1984
  • Chairperson | CEO: Wei Jianjun | Wang Fengying
  • HKEX: 2333 ; SHE: 601633
  • Market cap: RMB 448.2B (as of the end of 2021)

GWM ,headquartered in Hebei, is a long-historical automobile manufacturing company named after the Great Wall of China, the company is China’s largest producer of SUVs and pick-up trucks. GWM is capable of designing and developing SUVs, passenger cars and pickup series as well as powertrains. It sells passenger cars and trucks under the “Great Wall” brand, and SUVs under the “Haval” and “WEY” brands. Moreover, GWM follows the “excessive investment” principle, enhancing effectiveness, and seeking industry leadership, laying a solid foundation for continuous independent innovation.

3. NIO

  • Founded: 2014
  • Founder | Chairperson | CEO: William Li
  • Market cap: RMB 321.2B (as of the end of 2021)

NIO, headquartered in Shanghai, is a young and dynamic company, listed in New York, USA. The company has bases in China, San Jose (USA), Oslo (Norway), Oxford (UK) and Munich (Germany). It sells smart electric cars mainly in China, aiming to be the luxury of electric cars.

NIO will begin operating its first battery swap station in Norway which symbolizes the start in Europe.

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China’s top EV maker NIO collaborates with Zhejiang Commercial Group to build battery swap stations.

4. XPeng Motor

  • Founded: 2015
  • Founder: He Xiaopeng, Xia Heng, He Tao, Yang Chunlei
  • Chairperson | CEO: He Xiaopeng
  • HKEX: 9868 NYSE: XPEV
  • Market cap: RMB 321.2B (as of the end of 2021)

Xpeng Auto, headquartered in Guangzhou, is a technology company focused on the future of mobility. It has been insisting on saturated R&D investment and building a full-stack self-research core capability. Xpeng Auto has become one of the leading intelligent electric vehicle companies in China nowadays. They aim to use technology to provide more convenient and enjoyable driving experiences for humans.Xpeng just being listed in HongKong which showed its ambition in expanding its business.

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Xpeng led Pre-C funding for top EV LIDAR solution supplier ZVISION

5. SAIC Motor

  • Founded: 1958
  • Chairperson | CEO: Chen Hong | Wang Xiaoqiu
  • SHA: 600104
  • Market cap: RMB 241B (as of the end of 2021)

SAIC, headquartered in Shanghai, is one of the four largest automobile manufacturers which is state-owned in China. The business scale of SAIC is large. Its businesses include R&D, production and sales of vehicles, commercialization of new energy vehicles, research and industrialization of intelligent driving technologies, overseas operations and international trade, and active deployment in the field of big data and artificial intelligence etc.

6. Li Auto

  • Founded: 2015
  • Founder | Chairperson | CEO: LI Xiang
  • HKEX: 2015 NASDAQ GS: LI
  • Market cap: RMB 211.3B (as of the end of 2021)

Li Auto, headquartered in Beijing,  is an innovator in the new energy vehicle market in China. They design, research, manufacture and sell luxury smart electric vehicles and it is headquartered in Beijing, with manufacturing facilities in Changzhou.The company researches and develops on its unique range-extension system, next-generation electric vehicle technology and smart car solutions independently.

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Beijing policies to promote Li Auto and Xiaomi in infrastructure and services, China EV sales look to achieve 5 million sales in 2022

7. Geely Auto

  • Founded: 1996
  • Founder | Chairperson: Li Shufu
  • CEO: Jerry Gan(Gan Jiayue)
  • HKEX: 0175
  • Market cap: RMB 174.4B (as of the end of 2021)

Geely Auto, headquartered in Hongkong, is a subsidiary of Geely Holding Group, which owns two automobile brands, Geely and Link. It manufactures and distributes automobiles and auto components. The company is also an associate of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Limited, the largest privately owned automobile manufacturer in China.


  • Founded: 1955
  • Chairperson | : Li Shufu
  • HKEX: 2238 ; SHA: 601238
  • Market cap: RMB 157.3B (as of the end of 2021)

GAC Group (officially Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.), headquartered in Guangzhou, is a subsidiary of Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group.GAC sells passenger cars under the Trumpchi brand, SUVs under the Changfeng Motor brand, electric cars under the Aion brand, and buses under the GAC Bus brand. It is the sixth-largest producer of passenger cars among Chinese automakers. While the company is primarily focused on consumer vehicles, it does make large passenger buses and commercial trucks.

9. Changan Auto

  • Founded: 2005
  • Chairperson | CEO: Wang Jun | Zhu Huarong
  • SHE: 000625
  • Market cap: RMB 115.9B (as of the end of 2021)

Changan Auto, headquartered in Chongqing , was founded on December 26, 2005. It is a state-owned company and one of the four largest automobile groups in China. In 2012, Changan ranked first among Chinese auto companies and 14th among global auto companies with 1.22 million units of self-branded vehicles sold. At the same time, Changan is also the only Chinese car company with more than one million units of its own brand vehicles. Changan Automobile now produces microbus and passenger car products.

10. Sokon Group

  • Founded: 1986
  • Founder | Chairperson: Xinghai Zhang | Zhu Huarong
  • SSE: 601127
  • Market cap: RMB 80.9B (as of the end of 2021)

Sokon Group (officially Chongqing Sokon Industry Group Co., Ltd),headquartered in Chongqing, born as a manufacturer of components for household appliances and shock absorbers, it currently produces cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles as well as shock absorbers and internal combustion engines. Today has grown its business into intelligent auto R&D, Manufacture and Sales as a comprehensive international car maker. It has two brands: DFSK and SERES with a four-product family: DFSK, DFSK Glory, SF and ix. It also has been listed in the China A-Share stock market and ranks as China Top 500 Enterprise. 

Image1: Hellosep

car logos:

https://www.carlogos.org/  -others

https://read01.com/BJLDzKj.html#.Yd1eLP5ByUk -BYD

https://www.electrive.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/sokon-sf-motors-logo.png -sokon

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