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Yuanfeng Technology corporate with Xpeng for CMS camera fixation program, both contribute to a more intelligent transportation system

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On 25 Jan., Yuanfeng Technology Co. Ltd. declared to be formally responsible for Xpeng Inc. (“XPeng” or the “Company”, NYSE: XPEV, HKEX: 9868. HK)’s Car Central Management System(CMS) camera fixation program. Both companies will be working to develop an electric exterior rearview mirror for intelligent new energy vehicles (NEV). 

Electric exterior rearview mirror’s advantage compared to traditional ones

The rear-view mirror promotes an alert driving experience by allowing drivers to see behind their vehicles without turning their heads. 

The conventional optical exterior rearview mirror has various problems including: 

  • A large blind spot on its horizon. 
  • Blurry vision under rainy or snowy weather. Traditional optical lenses are susceptible to rainwater, which can interfere with the mirrors’ reflection ability. 
  • Dim vision at night
  • Interruption of sight caused by dazzles

All those problems will create concerns for driving safety. 

Electric rear-view mirror, represented by Yuangfeng Tech. ‘s production, has become a novel application by the car industry and customers over those years. It has a few benefits:

  • Enhancement of display of exterior scenery that enables a clearer view. 
  • Compared with traditional mirrors that have fixed shapes, sizes, and curvatures, electric mirrors are able to use cameras from different angles to acquire wider views, fewer blind spots, and more specific observations toward a certain region. 
  • Electric mirror has a layer of the water-repelling coating film. 
  • The special shape of the camera can prevent it from being hit by raindrops. This allows the image to be clear regardless of the weather. 
  • The electric mirror also has a special ability to heat itself up, which allows it to get rid of mist, frost, or ice layer. This increases safety when driving under bad weather. 
  • The electric mirror can adjust its luminosity to get a better vision when driving on a dark road. 
  • The image sensor’s high dynamic range(HDR) ability can decrease dazzle via algorithms, increase visibility, and lower the probability of misoperation.
  • At night, the camera is able to use its Nikon lens and HDR ability to suppress far-light lamps and LED lights. It also increases the clearness of night-vision. 
(Photo Credit: aliyun.com)

Yuanfeng Technology’s highlight as a companion for Xpeng

The electric exterior rearview mirror has a high requirement for safeness, reliability, and quality. 

Yuanfeng Technology’s product has a leading quality among all companies that produce electric exterior rearview mirrors. 

  • In 2017, Yuangfeng independently developed the first streaming exterior rearview mirror in China. 
  • In the same year, their product was provided to all car series of Cadillac. This ended US Gentex’s monopoly on the rearview mirror’s market. 

This makes Yuanfeng the most ideal provider for Xpeng’s cars. The regulation for electric rear-view mirrors is about to be published in mid-2022. This industry is thriving more than ever. It is definitely a good time for Xpeng to gain access to this technology. 

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