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ZEEKR Global Flagship Store Opens in Shanghai and ZEEKR 001 Welcomes First Major Version of OTA

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On Feb 18, ZEEKR Global Flagship Store was officially opened in Shanghai Center Building.

(Photo credit: ZEEKR)

ZEEKR Center Global Flagship Store is divided into two main floors.

  • The first floor is the ZEEKR Hall product display area, mainly for the display of ZEEKR products and brand peripheral boutique.
  • The second floor is the ZEEKR Pub user experience area, which has an open area as well as a closed area with more privacy and a collection of multi-functional spaces such as a bar, a cafe and an event venue.

ZEEKR is accelerating the expansion of offline sales channels, and by the end of 2022, the scale of ZEEKR stores will exceed 300.

Why it matters:

This means that ZEEKR, which was only unveiled on April 15 last year, is accelerating its sales network. Behind the store expansion lies ZEEKR’s ambition to increase its delivery volume. Official figures show that ZEEKR deliveries reached 3,530 units in January 2022, and cumulative deliveries have reached 9,537 units since deliveries began on October 23, 2021.

ZEEKR has set itself the goal of delivering 70,000 new vehicles in 2022; the first model, ZEEKR 001, is scheduled to be exported to the EU market early next year; and by 2025, ZEEKR aims to achieve an overall overseas export volume of 100,000 units.

(Photo credit: ZEEKR)

On the same day of February 18, ZEEKR officially announced that the ZEEKR 001 will receive its first major version of OTA.

Details of the OTA:

Since February 12, ZEEKR has been pushing ZEEKR OS 1.1.1 to all users, and on February 15, ZEEKR gradually pushed ZEEKR OS 2.0 Beta, which includes the first features of ZADZEEKR Intelligent Driver Assistance System, to the “OTA Pioneer Experience Officers”. This is the first major OTA upgrade of the vehicle since the delivery of the ZEEKR 001. This version will be pushed to all users shortly.

In ZEEKR OS version 1.1.1, ZEEKR added 25 new features and completed more than 200 user experience improvements, including optimization and enhancement of features such as power doors, seat memory, voice and navigation that users were more concerned about earlier.

In ZEEKR OS 2.0 Beta, the first ZADZEEKR intelligent driver assistance system features including ACCQA adaptive cruise control with queuing function, AEB forward collision mitigation, LDW lane departure warning, and FCTA forward intersection oncoming traffic warning were released, and this upgrade involved 34 ECU units.

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